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About Crown Dance
Crown Dance believes that dancers all over the world should have the choice of owning high quality affordable dancewear. Therefore we persistently pursue ways to make fashionable dancewear for all ages. Whether you are a beginner or a high level competitor, Crown Dance can offer you the outfit that you need to shine on the floor! Our vision is to continuously move with the latest trends, providing quality and economical dancewear and dance accessories for the dancers.
Our ultimate goal is to provide our customers with an exceptional personalized service to help dancers of all ages and type to make their dreams come true.

Nature of our Business
We offer custom made gowns, dance practice wear, as well as dresses for special occasions. If you have a particular design on your mind, feel free to ask for a price quote for it. You can also order a plain gown, and add the crystals and decorations yourself.
Crown Dance team is committed to maintain an ethos of quality and excellence for all our product and services.



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